Recruitment Solutions

Whether you need a temp for the day, a preschool administrator all year long, or a substitute teacher while one of your faculty members is on maternity leave, Child Care Staffing Inc. is here to help. These are just some of the common scenarios encountered by child care organizations.

Child Care Staffing Inc. is YOUR solution for this staffing challenge.

Through Child Care Staffing Inc., day care facilities, schools and other learning centers are able to:

  • Schedule temp staffing in advance for faculty who are planning to go on leave (vacations or maternity leave)
  • Hassle-free payroll program that frees you from having to do the payroll functions yourself.
  • Emergency staffing solutions at no extra charge
  • Save time and money on advertising and screening applicants
  • Continue school operations without interruption
  • Go straight to hiring the staff you need without the hassle of interviewing one applicant after another.

We give you solutions that are simplified and hassle-free. Apply online or send a staffing request to Child Care Staffing Inc.



In addition to staffing solutions, Child Care Staffing Inc. is also a source for many educators to access training and continuing education units. Make a search query now and join a training session to enrich your competencies as a child care professional.


Our Mission here, at Child Care Staffing Inc. is to staff and match top quality educational providers and professionals with education organizations.
  • We receive applications online and candidates are added into our pool.
  • Candidates in the pool are screened, categorized and profiled for their experience and skills
  • An employer makes a request for staffing services and our team finds viable candidates from the pool.
  • The employer chooses from the candidates and Child Care Staffing Inc. will facilitate the placement process.

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